4183 Special condition, coded
  • 07 Jan 2020
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4183 Special condition, coded

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4183 - Special condition, coded

Note this is a subset of the ATSB Codeset and contains the only the Codeset values identified as being used in the Enhanced and Simplified Distribution Messages

AAir transportationActive
BSurface transportation/non air servicesActive
DFinancial impactActive
EAirport servicesActive
FLFlight number restriction may applyActive
GInflight servicesActive
IReserved for individual airline useActive
RBMissing or incorrect reservations booking designator (RBD)Active
REBooking/ticketing conditions may applyActive
ROUser specified reservations booking designator (RBD) has been overriddenActive
SROther sales restrictions (e.g.: passenger, point of sale, etc.)Active