6353 Number of units qualifier
  • 07 Jan 2020
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6353 Number of units qualifier

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6353 - Number of units qualifier

Note this is a subset of the ATSB Codeset and contains the only the Codeset values identified as being used in the Enhanced and Simplified Distribution Messages

1Agent discount AD75N1Active
10Electronic ticket discount - childActive
11Electronic ticket discount - adultActive
12Electronic ticket discount - infantActive
13Employee Not filed ZED fareActive
14ZED employee - adultActive
15ZED employee - infantActive
16ZED - common law spouse of employee/retireeActive
17ZED - children under 24 years of ageActive
18ZED - employee or retiree parentActive
19ZED - employee childActive
2Adult with discount restrictionsActive
20ZED - employee siblingActive
21ZED - employee adult of married employeeActive
22ZED - partner adult of single employeeActive
23ZED - partner companionActive
24ZED - parent of married employeeActive
25ZED - parent of single employeeActive
26ZED - sibling of adult of single employeeActive
27ZED - common-law spouse - opposite sexActive
28ZED - common-law spouse - same sexActive
29ZED - widow or widowers adult employeeActive
3Assistant member of European ParliamentActive
30Zonal employee discountActive
31Weekender fareActive
32Family plan - infantActive
33Blend of government travel or government contract ormilitaryor category Z faresActive
34Child - must include age 2 to 11 on ticket for child discountActive
35Infant accompanied by a youthActive
36Infant with a seat - residentActive
37Infant without a seat - residentActive
38Inclusive tour infant without a seatActive
39Inclusive tour infant with a seatActive
4Card carrying holder or holdersActive
40Labor or worker infant with a seatActive
41Military infant with a seatActive
42Military infant without a seatActive
43Contract bulk - adultActive
44Contract bulk - childActive
45Contract bulk - infant without a seatActive
46Contract bulk - infant with a seatActive
47Contract bulk - infant May not be a bulk freeActive
48Journalist of European CabinetActive
49Journalist of European CommitteeActive
5Card carrying memberActive
50Loyalty management groupActive
51Government employee on leaveActive
52Military - basic training graduateActive
53Member of European ParliamentActive
54Blend of Category Z faresActive
55Military incentive certificatesActive
56Non-revenue standbyActive
57Negotiated fare - unrestricted rulesActive
59Private fare - adultActive
6Discount cardholder France and overseas deptsActive
60Registered domestic partnerActive
61Registered travel companionActive
62Senior discounted companionActive
63Spouse of European ParliamentActive
64Sports passengerActive
65Restricted tour conductorActive
66Passenger agreed upsellActive
7Leisure cardholder with FranceActive
701Accompanied childActive
702Accompanying adultActive
703Adult charterActive
704Agent discountActive
705Air or Sea faresActive
706Border Area ArgentinaActive
708Charter - AdultActive
709Charter - YouthActive
70ATotal number of passengersActive
70BNumber of unique passenger typesActive
70CTotal number of passenger typesActive
70DTotal number of segments pricedActive
70ENumber of stopovers applied to fare breakpointActive
70FNumber of surcharges applied to fare breakpointActive
70GTotal number of taxesActive
70HTotal number of passenger facility charges PFCActive
70ITotal number ZPActive
70JTotal number of fare calculation or surcharges chargesActive
70KFlight group numberActive
70PNumber of unique PTCsActive
70QTotal PTCsActive
70RNumber of stopoversActive
70SAirline staff standbyActive
70UFamily plan infant discountActive
70VGroup - own useActive
70WMilitary dependentsActive
70XMilitary groupActive
70ZDisabled personActive
710Charter - ChildActive
711Child discountsActive
712City or County Government travelActive
713Clergy StandbyActive
714Companion FareActive
715Companion Fare - PrimeActive
716Companion PartnerActive
717Companion with age requirementActive
718County Government employeeActive
71ABlind passengerActive
71CAdult contract fareActive
71DAirline employee buddy standby fareActive
71EClergy discountActive
71FCommuter fareActive
71GConvention fareActive
71HCoupon discounted fareActive
71IChild standbyActive
71JEmigrant fareActive
71KGovernment inter state fareActive
71LGroup school partyActive
71MInclusive tour child GroupActive
71NInclusive tour adult GroupActive
71OIncentive certificate fareActive
71PInternet fareActive
71QJournalist of EUR parliamentActive
71RLabor adultActive
71SMilitary or DOD not based in the USAActive
71TPassenger occupying two seatsActive
71UPatients traveling for medical treatmentActive
71VPilgrim fareActive
71WPilgrim fare Saudi ArabiaActive
71XStudent standbyActive
71YSenior citizen with age requirementActive
71ZUniversity employeeActive
720Department of DefenseActive
722Disabled Unable to work FinlandActive
723Discover the Country (Argentina)Active
724Economy DiscountActive
725Eighty percent disabled personsActive
726Family PlanActive
727Family Plan Children DiscountActive
728Family Plan FranceActive
729Family member - 1st accompanyingActive
72AVisit USA adultActive
72BPassenger checked inActive
72CPassenger not checked inActive
72DPassenger checked in via ITCIActive
72ENegotiated fare passengerActive
72FNumber of meals loadedActive
730Family member - 2nd accompanyingActive
731Females Traveling Alone in FranceActive
732Foreign Worker discountActive
733Foreign Worker Infant discountActive
734Foreign Worker Children discountActive
735Frequent travelerActive
736Frequent traveler -adultActive
737Frequent traveler - childActive
739Government and Military Category ZActive
740Government ChildActive
741Government ContractActive
742Government DependentActive
743Government ExchangeActive
744Government InfantActive
745Government order GermanyActive
746Government State faresActive
747Government Transportation orderedActive
748Group ChildActive
749Group InfantActive
750Group - undefinedActive
751Group visit another country adultActive
752Group visit USAActive
753Head of familyActive
754IATA = Air or SurfaceActive
755Inclusive Tour Child IndividualActive
756Inclusive Tour InfantActive
757Inclusive Tour undefinedActive
758Independent tourActive
759Individual early retirement FinlandActive
760Individual inclusive tourActive
761Individual Ships CrewActive
762Indonesian War Veteran Discount FareActive
763Indonesian Parliament Discount FareActive
765Infant discountActive
766Infant without seatActive
767Infant with seatActive
768Job Corp traineeActive
769Military charterActive
770Military childActive
771Military confirmedActive
772Military dependents stationed inside USAActive
773Military dependents stationed outside USAActive
774Military DOD based in USAActive
775Military familyActive
776Military inclusive tourActive
777Military infantActive
778Military Job CorpsActive
779Military parents or parents in-lawsActive
780Military personnel based in USAActive
781Military personnel based out USAActive
782Military recruitActive
783Military reserveActive
784Military reserve on active dutyActive
785Military retiredActive
786Military retired dependentActive
787Military spouseActive
788Military standbyActive
789Mini Fare ArgentinaActive
791Missionary SpouseActive
792NATO or SHAPE personnelActive
793Negative Band Intersectors ArgentinaActive
794Other accompanying family memberActive
796Pseudo residentActive
799Resident AbonnementActive
8Carnet coupon travelActive
800Resident AdultActive
801Resident ChildActive
802Resident family plan childActive
803Resident family plan head familyActive
804Resident family plan infantActive
805Resident family plan youthActive
806Resident family plan 2nd adultActive
807Resident governmentActive
808Resident groupActive
809Resident infantActive
810Resident Senior CitizensActive
811Resident StudentActive
812Resident youthActive
813Retiree wholly domestic ArgentinaActive
815Seaman faresActive
816Seaman Government OrderActive
817Second PassengerActive
818Senior citizen confirmedActive
819Senior citizen discountActive
820Senior citizen standbyActive
822Special Interior Fare ArgentinaActive
823Spouse FaresActive
825State government employeesActive
826Student discountActive
827Student Excellence Discount Fare (Indonesia)Active
828Student Government OrderActive
829Swiss JournalistActive
830Teachers faresActive
831Teacher Wholly domesticActive
832Time-saver FaresActive
833Tour Guide ConductorActive
834Traveling with celloActive
835Unaccompanied childActive
837Visit USA childActive
838War Veteran Unable to workActive
839Youth confirmedActive
840Youth DiscountActive
841Youth standbyActive
842Youth studentActive
843Labor childActive
844Labor infantActive
84580 percent disabled person FinlandActive
846Second passenger for example companionActive
847Disabled, unable to work FinlandActive
848Government discount GermanyActive
849Individual early retirement FinlandActive
850Special interior fare ArgentinaActive
851Border area fare ArgentinaActive
852Intra country restricted fares (Argentina)Active
853Adult with age restrictionActive
854Frequent flyer companionActive
855Frequent flyer preferredActive
856Visit friends or relativesActive
857List of alternatesActive
9Child of European Parliament memberActive
BSBlock spaceActive
DPITotal deplaned for this flight legActive
IFinfant femaleActive
IMinfant maleActive
IZIndividual within a groupActive
LAirport lounge memberActive
MLNumber of meals servedActive
MXMaximum number of flights desiredActive
NCNumber of columnsActive
NLNumber of linesActive
PXNumber of seats occupied by passengers on boardActive
SSame surnameActive
SPStandby positiveActive
SSStandby space availableActive
TFrequent travelerActive
TATotal seats available to assignActive
TCTotal cabin class or compartment capacityActive
TCATotal cabin or compartment seats with acknowledgment pending for seatsActive
TDNumber of ticket or document numbersActive
TFTotal number of flight/value couponsActive
TSTotal seats soldActive
TUTotal seats unassignedActive
TUATotal unassigned seats with acknowledgment pending for seatsActive
UMUnaccompanied MinorActive
WCHWheelchair assistanceActive