AIDM Getting Access to the Modeling Repository
  • 02 Feb 2023
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AIDM Getting Access to the Modeling Repository

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Before getting access, it is will be worthwhile understanding the following aspects :

The AIDM model resides in one central repository
The modeling tool used is “Enterprise Architect” (EA) from Sparx Systems,
The EA software needs to be installed on the user’s workstation, in an MS Windows environment,
The AIDM repository is located on a server in the cloud, accessed from the work-station EA software through http,
For read-only users, Sparx offers a version called EA Lite, free of license. We recommend EA Lite for reviewers of AIDM who do not intend to create of modify models in EA,
Users intending to create or modify or export models in/from EA need to install the full EA product, requiring a license. Unless they already have a license, IATA will allocate one from a set of keys provided for free by Sparx, for the purpose of contributing to the AIDM.

Steps to get access

  1. Decide if you need update or read access,
  2. If applicable (see above lines), get a license key from the AIDM Administrator,
  3. Install EA on your workstation,
  4. Get an EA user-id and connection info from the AIDM Administrator,
  5. If looking at work in progress, get briefed on where to find what.

Dowloading EA and getting a user-id

To install EA :

EA Lite (read only) can be downloaded and installed direclty from the Sparx web page :,
EA full version (edit mode) to contribute to AIDM changes, latest version 15.1
Note : installation takes about 1 hour, and requires admin rights to your workstation.
Contact the AIDM Administrator to create a user-id (xxxxx) for you to access the repository with the activation code. Note that even with EA full, the user may have either update or read-only rights depending on your current needs.
If you already have EA on your workstation (because it’s used in your company) :
If you already have version 13.5 or higher, and Corporate Edition, then just use it to access the AIDM,
Otherwise you can either upgrade or have two versions of EA co-installed on the same workstation ; our AIDM Administrator can tell you how.

To access the cloud repository :

  1. On the EA Start Page : click on “Connect to Cloud”
  2. On the Cloud Connection window : Name= <enter a name that has meaning to you; anything will do> URL= ; ModelName= datamodel ; can leave UserName & Password empty
  3. On the Login to EA Repository window : UserID=xxxxx; Password=12345
  4. Inside EA: you may then want to change your password.


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