AIDM Modeling and Technology Standards
  • 24 Apr 2023
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AIDM Modeling and Technology Standards

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Article Summary

AIDM Modeling Guidelines and Technology Standards Documentation

These files contain the latest technical standards and best practices endorsed by the Architecture and Technology Strategy Board for passenger standards development. Included standards and best practices:

AIDM Modeling GuidelinesIATA rules and guidelines for the development of airline messaging standards in AIDM pillars (Business, Information, Technology) and layers 4 layers (Contextual, Conceptual, Logical, Physical). Separate guideline document do exist for each of the partitions defined by the pillar and layer.
AIDM Methodology Process ChartsIATA Process charts that graphically organize modelling guidelines into sequences of activities
AIDM Manual Compliance Checklist

IATA Checklist that AIDM models comply with modeling guidelines. The list is currently available for the Logical Information model (partition I3) only. Items needing a manual check in addition to automated checks done by the Validate tool are identified by showing a number in Excel column “Manual Checklist Item”

IATA XML Best PracticesIATA rules and guidelines for the production of XML schemas and messages
IATA Open Air API Standards and Best PracticesIATA rules and guidelines for the use of RESTful API technology in the airline industry, and an API ecosystem conformant to the standards
IATA Open Air JSON Library Consumption GuideIATA rules and compliancy processes for the consumption of the JSON schema library from the AIDM integrated model 
IATA Open Air API linting rule set  The REST API linting rule set is developed based on the Open Air API Standards and Best Practices by the IATA Open API working group, to help developers follow the standard and achieve the Open Air certification. The rule set is based on the Spectral open-source linter framework.
IATA Verifiable Credential Schema StandardIATA The Identity Management Group has documented the first version of the IATA Verifiable Credential Schema Standard based on the W3C’s Verifiable Credential Data Model 1.0.
This first version includes credential schema definition and best practices to support the development of Verifiable Credentials under the Passenger Standards Conference
Reference Communication Model*The Systems and Communications Reference (SCR) is a multi-volume set of documents which describes the protocols, standards and implementation issues related to inter system communications for the airline and aeronautical communities. It is the definitive reference for airlines, vendors, travel partners, network service providers and others who wish to participate in such inter-system communication. *

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