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Create Order

  • Updated on 27 Nov 2018
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Create Order
Description This function allows the Seller to request that an Airline creates an Order from a selection of Offer(s) and Offer Item(s).
  • There is not a pre-existing Order in relation to this transaction
  • Seller has Offer(s) that are ready to be converted into an Order
  • Seller knows the selected Offer Item ID(s)
  • Seller has minimum required passenger data.
  • Seller passes to the Airline the selected Offer ID(s), Offer Item ID(s) and passenger data

  • Airline validates the request (message) for minimum information required by that Airline

  • Airline creates new Order Items from the selected Offer Items in the newly created Order

  • Airline responds to Seller.

  • Order is created, inventory is held, and an Order ID is returned.
  • Order is not created, error returned
  • Order is partially created, warning returned.