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Delivery Preparation

  • Updated on 18 Dec 2018
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The delivery preparation process ensures that the Delivery Provider has all necessary information to proceed with delivery of the required Services.

Delivery Preparation:


Service delivery is commenced by a Service Delivery Notification message from the Airline OMS to the Delivery Provider, or a Service Delivery Request from the Delivery Provider to the Airline. In both cases, the Delivery Provider will then initiate Service delivery, which in turn will update the status of each Service to be delivered.

Prepare Delivery – Service Delivery Notification:


Prepare Delivery - Service Delivery Request:


The outcome of this set of interactions should be that the Services are ready to be delivered (status “READY TO DELIVER”). In case Services are not able to be delivered for any reason, Services may be updated with a different status to indicate this. The possible statuses to be used are defined in the "Definitions" section.
Note that since there are no changes that are relevant from a financial or accounting point of view, there is no interaction between the Airline’s OMS and the Accounting System. If any Service should not be able to be delivered, any interactions such as refunds would be triggered by a change to the Order items, which would in turn trigger an update to the Accounting System.