• Updated on 09 Oct 2019
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It is common practice for a Seller to apply a margin to an Airline Offer before quoting a price to the Customer.

This document describes the scenario in which the Seller is the Merchant of Record and the Airline does not set the amount that is ultimately quoted to the Customer.

Out of Scope:
• Airline as Merchant of Record
• Airline sets the amount that is quoted to the Customer

01. Adding a Margin to an Offer

The process for the Seller to apply a margin to an Offer is possible by following the below process.

  1. The Seller sends a Shopping Request to the Airline

  2. The Airline responds with Offers and the price of each Offer, including applicable taxes, fees & charges

  3. The Seller may choose to add an additional amount (margin) to the Airline Offer and quote a combined Airline Offer Price + Margin to the Customer

  4. If the Seller wishes to proceed with the Order, the Seller asks the Airline to create an Order for the amount quoted in the Airline Offer (less the margin),

  5. The Seller collects payment from the Customer. The Seller can bill the customer for Airline Price + Taxes, Fees & Charges + Margin in one single transaction

  6. The Airline creates an Order for the amount agreed between Seller and Airline, including any applicable taxes, fees and charges.

  7. The Airline’s Order will not contain any record of the Seller’s margin

  8. The Airline can mask the price so that it is not visible to the customer and can indicate to the Seller that the price is masked, using the Price Mask Indicator

  9. The Seller pays the Airline the agreed amount, the Airline Offer Price, via BSP/ARC