Masked Price
  • Updated on 09 Oct 2019
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Masked Price

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Advising a Seller of a Masked Fare

The Offer managmenet system can advise the Seller at the Offer time that an Order Price will be masked to the Customer should the Customer query the price directly with the Airline.

The Airline will return a Masked Indicator advising the Seller that the Base Amount will not be shown to the Customer.

			<k:BaseAmount CurCode="CHF">10.00</k:BaseAmount>
					<k:Amount CurCode="CHF">0.10</k:Amount>
				<k:TotalTaxAmount CurCode="CHF">0.10</k:TotalTaxAmount>
			<k:TotalAmount CurCode="CHF">10.10</k:TotalAmount>