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  • Updated on 15 Nov 2018
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This message is intended to be used by the Delivery Provider to prepare for delivery of Services for which it is responsible. The information provided by the message is used to support the delivery and servicing by the relevant Delivery Provider.

The Delivery Provider requests information from the Airline’s OMS about a Service (including the passenger’s entitlement) and its current status, and the Airline responds with all relevant information about the Service to be delivered, along with the latest status. Note that the Airline may have changed the status of the Service as a result of receiving the ServiceDelivery request, depending on internal processes.

The criteria used to request this information may be singular, or batched for example per Passenger, per Order/Service or flight. The Service Delivery response contains the full details of the Services in the Order and all relevant flight information.


Message Component Features 18.2 Changes
Request Core Accept an Order as input for Service Delivery information
Accept a flight as input for Service Delivery Information -
Filtering By service type -
By airline code and flight number -
By equipment type -
By location code -
By departure date -
Response Service Provide service delivery information for an Order -
Provide service delivery information for a specific flight -
Update service delivery information -