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  • Updated on 16 Nov 2018
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The Service Status Change Notification (SSCN) request message (ServiceStatusChangeNotifRQ) is used to notify the Order Management System of any change in status to Services within an Order. The status of a Service is used to track the ability of the Airline or Delivery Provider to deliver a particular Service, and/or track whether a Service has been consumed. This message may be triggered directly from a delivery process, but may also be triggered by an automated process, such as the expiration of a time limit in which a service was to be consumed within. The Service Status Change Notification message is used to advise the status of all Services (flights, flight-related ancillaries, ground Services etc.) throughout the lifecycle of the Service.

The Service Status Change Notification request is used solely to advise of changes in status to a Service. This may be the Delivery Provider confirming to the Order Management System that they are able to provide a Service (e.g. lounge access).

The message can also be used to report a milestone event in the delivery of a particular Service, such as a passenger being boarded, or accepted for boarding, a bag being loaded, a requested meal being loaded on board etc. Therefore, reporting of a Service delivery milestone allows the progress of Service delivery to be tracked from an operational perspective, supporting other operational processes such as bag reconciliation and weight and balance tasks. However, the reporting of a milestone event does not necessarily imply or trigger a change of the status of the Service (for example, a passenger boarding does not trigger a status update for any flight Service).


Message Component Feature 18.2 Changes
Request Core Accept an Order ID and Service ID as input for Service Status Change request -
Accept the current status of a service as input for Service Status Change request -
Accept a delivery milestone of a service as input for Service Status Change request -
Filtering Not applicable -
Response Service Acknowledge change of a service status -