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  • Updated on 12 Nov 2018
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The Order Sales Information Notification (OSIN) request is used to advise the Accounting System of information regarding Services within an Order. This information may include the following:

  • The Services purchased
  • Their prices and all applicable taxes, fees and charges associated with them at Order item level
  • Internal and settlement values (incl. taxes, fees and charges (TFCs)) at Service level
  • Payment information.

This message is the primary means for informing Accounting System(s) of information regarding Services within an Order. The Order Management System is responsible for ensuring that relevant changes in the Order are communicated to the Accounting System.

Whenever a new Service has been booked and confirmed within an Order and payment commitment has been received, this message is used to inform the Airline’s Accounting System that a new financial liability has been taken. If payment information is included, the payment commitment may be in the form of a receivable (such as a deposit that has been paid for an Order). In the case of additional payments for a particular Service (e.g. the remaining outstanding balance), these must also be communicated to the Accounting System.

The Accounting System must also be advised of any conditions related to the consumption and refundability of any Service, and the date at which any revenue associated with the Service can be recognised (e.g. the expiry date of a particular entitlement). Similarly, the fact that an item is not refundable must also be communicated.

Where payment has been committed against changes to an Order, the OSIN RQ message is also used to advise of such changes to items within an Order, including the cancellation of a Service, refund of payment or a change of status. These scenarios will be described in the “Accounting” Business Functions section.