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  • Updated on 12 Nov 2018
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The Service Status Change Notification request message is also used by the OMS to advise the Airline Accounting System of the final delivery status of a Service (delivered, removed, expired, not claimed, failed to deliver). However, this message is only intended to be used to trigger the recognition of revenues and/or trigger interline billing, based on the final delivery status of a Service. For other interactions with the Accounting System, the OSIN message is to be used.

Reporting of Service usage provides the ability to perform revenue accounting for an ORA. It depends on the fact that a Service has been delivered, or that a customer is no longer eligible for the Service. For example, a passenger may have missed their flight and is not eligible to rebook onto another flight. Reporting of Service usage allows the communication of adjustments in tax amounts between sales and usage time, when calculated by the OMS.