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  • Updated on 12 Nov 2018
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This first release of the ONE Order business requirements and Order data model (shared with NDC), covers processes description and data requirements for the following functionalities.


  • Reservation of Airline products and Services and the ability to advise Airline Accounting Systems of these reservations
  • Order retrieval, change and cancellation (interaction Seller & Airline)
  • Payment and refund.

ONE Order:

  • Interaction between Airline Order Management Systems (OMS) and Accounting Systems to keep these up to date at all times, particularly with regard to payments and refunds
  • Reporting to accounting for sales accounting and revenue recognition purpose for both online and interline
  • Delivery workflow management and data exchange between Airlines and Delivery Providers (DCS or others) and between Airlines (interline)
  • The ability to prepare Delivery Providers by providing them with all necessary passenger and flight-related information to support Service delivery processes
  • Tracking of Service delivery and consumption of Airline products and Services
  • Order closure notification for accounting to support final accounting processes.

Overview of NDC and ONE Order:


It is important to note that it is not mandatory to implement all of the features or messages defined for NDC and ONE Order to begin using Enhanced and Simplified Distribution. The full scope above defines the end-state, however the transition path may take a number of forms, covering various aspects of Offer and Order Management, Delivery and Accounting interactions. It is possible to implement NDC without implementing ONE Order.

Depending on the chosen implementation and the transition path to achieve this, the messages to be implemented may vary. For example, interactions with the accounting system to advise Order information may be implemented without the integration with delivery providers being in place, or vice versa. However, the fundamental basis for ONE Order is that an airline is working with Orders and Order Management.