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SSR Categorisation

  • Updated on 07 Nov 2018
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SSR’s have been broken into multiple categories to best determine their mapping to an XML message. The following categories have been created and used to describe the function of the SSR within Enhanced Distribution.


An SSR will be defined as a Service if it:

  • A SSR that delivers a ‘service on demand’ and which may follow through as a service item in an Order Management system.
  • An SSR that does not require specific information over that of a ServiceDefinition as modelled in the AIDM.

All Service SSR’s will be mapped to a Service Item using the format set forth in Service items Section.

Note that a Service may also require ‘Information’ and has been described so within the Services Section.


  • A SSR that does not deliver a specific service to the passenger.
  • A SSR that has specific data requirements outside the scope of a ServiceDefinition.

All Information SSR’s will be mapped depending on their attributes in existing elements or added to the Offers or Order Group queues to add missing information. Each implementation will be specific as they require specific information.

Information SSR’s can be further Categorized into the following areas:

  • Offer Related,
  • Payment Related,
  • Passenger Related (Info or Preference).


A SSR that is no longer relevant within Enhanced Distribution (for example a some of the OTHS SSR’s that are used today as a messaging vehicle to call for action from Airlines to Agents).

Airline Own

Airline specific SSR’s will not be mapped within, however the principle for mapping (service / Information etc) should be treated as the same.


SSR's that do not fit in the above categories.