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Update of Services During Delivery

  • Updated on 18 Dec 2018
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During the delivery process, information related to the delivery of the Service may be collected from the passenger or generated by the Delivery Provider’s systems. This may include additional passenger data such as passport or visa information collected, or baggage tag numbers generated when luggage is checked in. Since the “Service Status Change Notification” request is only intended to be used for updating the status of a Service, for such cases the “Update Service Notification” request is used to update the Airline’s Order Management System. For such updates, no interaction with the Accounting System is necessary. Cases such as the purchase of additional baggage at check-in would trigger updates to Orders, which would in turn trigger updates to the Airline’s Accounting System once payment has been taken. Delivery processes would then relay this update to the Delivery Provider (see “Service Delivery RQ/RS” and “Service Delivery Notification RQ/RS”).

Update Service details with UpdateServiceNotification: