9800 Reservation booking designator
  • 01 Jun 2021
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9800 Reservation booking designator

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9800 - Reservation booking designator

Note this is a subset of the ATSB Codeset and contains the only the Codeset values identified as being used in the Enhanced and Simplified Distribution Messages

1All cabin classesActive
AFirst Class DiscountedActive
BCoach Economy DiscountedActive
CBusiness ClassActive
DBusiness Class DiscountedActive
EShuttle Service (No reservation allowed. Seat to be confirmed at check-in.)Active
FFirst ClassActive
GConditional ReservationActive
HCoach Economy DiscountedActive
JBusiness Class PremiumActive
LThrift DiscountedActive
MCoach Economy DiscountedActive
PFirst Class PremiumActive
QCoach Economy DiscountedActive
SStandard ClassActive
TCoach Economy DiscountedActive
UShuttle Service (No reservation needed. Seat Guaranteed)Active
VThrift DiscountedActive
WCoach Economy PremiumActive
YCoach EconomyActive