Create Order With Instant Payment
  • 26 Jul 2022
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Create Order With Instant Payment

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Capability allows an Airline to collect payment immediately upon ordering.


 Allows the seller to request the creation and pay for an Order immediately upon ordering .


  • Shopping step is already performed by the seller
  • Seller is in possession of an offer that they wish to convert into an order


  1.  The Seller requests the creation of an Order referencing
    1. The Offer
    2. The payment payload (payment processing details)
  2. The Airline returns the order and payment confirmation

Post Condition


  • Seller receives a view of the confirmed Order with payment confirmation success and document details if applicable


  • In case the order creation fails, and the Order details are not created, the response will return an error. 
  • In case the order creation succeeds and the payment fails,
    • the Order details may be returned with a warning message indicating the failed payment
    • the response may return an error.

Relevant Messages

  • IATA_OrderCreateRQ
  • IATA_OrderViewRS

Relevant Worked Examples

  •  UC03 - Shop and Order a flight for multiple passengers with additional services

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