Pay for an Existing Order
  • 12 Sep 2022
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Pay for an Existing Order

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This capability allows the Seller to provide payment information for an existing Order or Order Items.  Payment may be for some or all Order Items.


This capability allows an Airline to accept payment for an existing Order or order items


  • An order exists
  • Unpaid Order Items exist within an order
  • Unpaid Order Items are within their 
    • Price Guarantee Time Limit (if used)
    • Payment Time Limit


  1. A payer attempts to pay for the unpaid Order Item or Items
    1. Providing payment intent via
      1. Offline Payment Process (e.g., redirect / BSP) OR
      2. Online Payment Process (e.g., customer card)
  2. A payee attempts to validate and accept the payment

Post Condition


  • Seller receives a view of the confirmed Order with payment confirmation success and document details if applicable


  • The Order details are returned with a warning message indicating the failed payment with reason for failure

Relevant Messages

  • OrderChangeRQ
  • OrderViewRS

Relevant Worked Examples


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