Pay Using Customer Card
  • 12 Sep 2022
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Pay Using Customer Card

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This capability allows the Seller to:

  1. Pay for an existing unpaid Order or Order Items using customer card 
  2. Pay for a selected Offer towards the creation of an Order


This capability allows an Airline to receive customer payment card details to process payment for an existing unpaid Order or OrderItems 


  • Seller has already performed the necessary authentication prior to requesting if required
  • Seller and airlines implemented all the necessary processes to handle card data


  1. A payer attempts to pay for the unpaid item or items;
    1. Providing payment intent via customer card details and authentication results as needed.
  2. A payee attempts to validate and accept the payment with received card details

Post Condition


  • Seller receives a view of the confirmed Order with payment confirmation success and document details if applicable


  • The Order details are returned with a warning message indicating the failed payment with reason for failure

Relevant Messages

  • OrderChangeRQ
  • OrderCreateRQ
  • OrderViewRS

Relevant Worked Examples


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