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  • 28 Jun 2022
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21.3 Data Exchange Standards Release

21.3 XML and API Standards Messages

These documents provides items agreed for the last release of the data exchanges standards. All data exchange standards being developed today under the governance of the PSC (Resolution 009) and are required to use the Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) and associated methodology. *21.3.1

21.3.3Note to Offer and Order Implementers:
21.3.1 includes aminor patch to remove key/keyrefs which were incorrectly causing some validation issues. The data model has not been changed. The intention is still to maintain the integrity of IDs which will be defined in the implementation guide.
21.3.2 includes some patches applied within the Offer & Order messages. Please use this build for your upcoming convergence release.
Note to Settlement with Orders Implementers:
21.3.3 Includes a typo in the annotation of the namespace for schema “IATA_PaymentClearanceCancellationRS”, which refers to the “IATA_PaymentClearanceCancellationRQ” in the namespace. Please note that this misprint has no consequence on the structure of the “IATA_PaymentClearanceCancellationRS” schema, which correctly refers to the Common Types used for all SwO schemas in the data structure “IATA_PaymentClearanceCommonTypes
Please use this build for the latest schemas released. 
21.3.3 XML and API Standards Messages

21.3 CodeSet Directory

This document provides the agreed codesets utilized by the Airline industry for the identification of information included within IATA standard messages.
The codeset directory is designed to be used by both the EDIFACT as well as the XML messages

21.3 Passengers Glossary of Terms

This document provides glossary of terms for Passengers as defined in PSCM RP1008

Archived Data Exchange Standards Releases

ReleaseAIDM Export
21.3XMI Export
21.2XMI Export
21.1XMI Export
20.2XMI Export
20.1XMI Export
19.2XMI Export
19.1XMI Export
18.2XMI Export
18.1XMI Export

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