Offer and Order Criteria
  • 15 Nov 2021
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Offer and Order Criteria

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Offer Criteria and Order Criteria package the filtering the Seller can perform at various stages within the flow. The Offer Criteria seen pre-Order stage (for example AirShoppingRQ and OfferPriceRQ) and the Order Criteria follows the same constructs but in the context of an Order (for example OrderReshopRQ).

Currently, both types contain the same Criteria options.

Baggage Pricing Criteria

Used to request specific types of baggage when searching for Offers, for example CarryOn or Checked.


Fare Criteria

Used to specify underlying fares which the seller would like the airline to either include, exclude or preference in the return (PrefLevel). For example published or negotiated fares (FareTypeCode) and the seller and airline may also further classify these fare preferences further using the FareSubTypeCode as bilaterally agreed.

The seller may send in multiple instances of the Fare Criteria object to better qualify the search.


Pricing Method Criteria

Used to request how the airline prices the Offer. For example, does the seller want the cheapest available in a cabin or on flight, regardless of cabin.


Program Criteria

Mainly used to instruct the airline which negotiated fares to return based on bilaterally agreed corporate codes.

This structure can also be used to advise the airline which Vouchers, CLID, or pre-paid certificates may be used in the purchase.


Promotion Criteria

Used for the Seller to advise of a promotional code or similar for the airline to take into consideration when computing the Offers.

Its considered good practice to identify the source of the Promotional code when sending this value to the airline; in the below example, the ‘PROMO’ Promo code has been previously issued by airline XB.

Seat Criteria

Used to advise the airline the seat preferences, or specific seat that the passenger would like an Offer for.

In the most basic of cases the seller can advise the airline that the passenger would like a seat in 1A.


To request seats with specific criterion, the seller may use the ATSB Seat Characteristics Codeset to signify the passengers needs. In the below, the passenger would like either a Window or an Aisle seat.


Service Criteria

Used to further specify what additional services (such as ancillaries) the passenger would prefer, require or happy to exclude from the Offer. This can be done using the RFIC/RFISC Codes for optional services or the Airline Taxonomy which covers optional services and flight characteristics.

Criteria using Airline Taxonomy

	<!-- Refundable -->

Criteria using RFIC

	<!-- Bicycle -->

Special Needs Criteria

Used to further clarify any requirements for persons requiring special assistance or aid during their journey.


Trip Purpose Code

Additional information to advise the airline if the passenger is flying for business or leisure.


Waitlist Criteria

A simple preference to advise the airline if the passenger is looking or happy to be waitlisted and see Waitlist Offers returned. By default, the airline may choose to exclude Waitlist Offers, but may return a collection of waitlist and standard offers if waitlist is preferred, or simply just Waitlist Offers if waitlist is Required.