Standard Flows
  • 26 Nov 2021
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Standard Flows

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The below diagrams represent a flow which has been used in the Offer & Order Use Cases. 

Voluntary State Diagram

Voluntary States

S0initial state, no precondition.
S1received flight offers.
S2received a la carte offers (seats, services) for a flight offer.
S3received a priced offer.
S4received a la carte offers (seats, services) for a priced flight offer.
S5payment process state. Contains an actual intermediate state (S5.1) only in case of authentication needed (e.g. 3DS, AMOP, …). No intermediate state for BSP (S5 transitions immediately to S6 in that case).
S6order created. Sub-states S6.1, S6.2 and S6.3 detail the overall order payment status.
S7received a full order cancellation offer.
S8accepted a full order cancellation offer, order is cancelled.
S9received flight reshop offers (with or without a la carte offers) for an order.
S10received a la carte offers for an order.
S11received quoted offers.
S12received Quoted offers and Ala carte offers for Quoted Offer
S13received repriced offer from the airline

Voluntary Transitions

S0 → S1shop for flights
S1 → S2shop for seats/services on an offer
S1, S2 → S3price offer(s)
S3 → S6order creation without payment
S3 → S5 → S6order creation with payment
S6 → S7request full order cancellation offer
S7 → S8accept full order cancellation offer
S6 → S9reshop for flights
S6 → S10shop for seats/services on an order
S9, S10 → S11quote reshop offers and/or a la carte offers on an order 
S11 → S6accept a quoted offer on an order, without payment
S11 → S5 → S6accept a quoted offer on an order, with payment